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Videowall processors


Small Videowall Processors
Extron Videowall Processors for small videowalls typically support array sizes with 9 or fewer displays. The Extron WindoWall® System features a modular, scalable architecture for systems that are integrated with matrix switchers. The Extron QSS 404 is a four input switcher and scaler that can zoom, magnify, or crop one of its inputs, and display it on up to four outputs.

WindoWall Pro
Multi-Window HDCP-Compliant Videowall Processing System
WindoWall® System
Multi-Window Processing System
QSS 404
High Resolution Multi-Output Scaler & Processor

Mid-Sized Videowall Processors
Extron Videowall Processors used in mid-sized videowalls accommodate up to 14 displays. The Extron Quantum® Connect is an HDCP-compliant, card frame-based videowall processor with eight slots for input and output cards, preinstalled at the factory into fixed configurations.

Quantum Connect
HDCP-Compliant Videowall Processing System

Large, Scalable Videowall Processors
Extron offers videowall processing systems for large videowalls with up to 28 displays or more. The Extron Quantum Elite is an HDCP-compliant, highly scalable, expandable videowall processing system available in 8 or 15 slot card frames.

Quantum Elite
HDCP-Compliant Scalable Videowall Processing System
QGE 100
DVI/RGB Computer Screen Capture IP Encoder

Multi-Window Processors
Extron Multi-Window Processors allow users to display multiple computer-video or full-motion video signals simultaneously on a single screen. Each window can be independently scaled, positioned, or overlapped. These products are useful for videoconferencing, command and control applications, distance learning, and more.

MGP 462 Pro
Two Window HDCP-Compliant Multi-Window Processor
MGP 462xi
Two Window Multi-Window Processor
MGP 464
Four Window Multi-Window Processor

MGP 464 Pro
Four Window HDCP-Compliant Multi-Window Processor
PIP 422
Two Window Video Picture-in-Picture Processor
PIP 444
Four Window Video Picture-in-Picture Processor
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