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Highest definition LED display

Retop 2mm 300" ultra-high Definition LED TV made its world debut at the 15th September 2013 Shenzhen's International Optoelectronic Expo. The LED adopted nostalgic TV modeling, its technology and product lies in the leading position which makes the TV screen become the focus of the exhibition. On the other hand, ETI-Retop brought about other exhibits include: P2mm indoor TV and P6mm outdoor TV that cooperated with Air-Media successfully before for Sinopec Gas Station.

Proposal of ETI-Retop LED TV Product Concept Before Ten Years.

LED TV display screen is a hot topic that attracts most attention in LED industry. But this is not a new concept. In 2003, Retop pioneered LED TV idea in ISA International Sign Expo. The improvement of LED technology makes the popularity of production and use of small pixel pitch and high precision LED TV screen possible. LED display screens develop in the direction of small pixel pitch and higher precision is a trend of technology advancement.

Broad Prospect of LED TV Commercial Markets

Although it is said that the common use of real LED TV in civilian markets has to take some time, however, with the rapid development of high precision LED TV in commercial area, which makes the marketing space large.

At present, high precision series LED displays are used in a growing number in professional and commercial indoor LED display fields. It has obvious advantages especially in high precision commercial sectors. Such as commercial real estates and command centers, radio and television studio centers, senior hotels and so on.

Obvious Advantages of Industry Chain Integration

Relying on strong capital platform, Retop successively built LED production and scientific research bases in Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Wuhu, Yangzhou, Dalian. It set foot in various fields like LED chips and epitaxial wafers, packaging and application. Setting up an open, collaborative LED vertical industry chain, which makes Retop to become one of the most competitive LED industry leader enterprises in the world.

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