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Outdoor HD Renta LED displays


Outdoor HD Rental LED Series


  • Light Weight of only 12.5kg per module

  • Innovative Fast Locking System

  • Front Servicing for LED Board

  • High Brightness up to 6500nit

  • Efficient Thermal Management

  • High Refresh Rate and High Gray Scale

  • Multiple Choices for Aviation Connector

  • Pixel-level Brightness Calibration

1. Light Weight of only 12.5kg per module
Designed and manufactured with rather high standard, the module is slim and light in weight of only 12.5kg. With the dimension of 576mm (W) × 576mm (H) × 80mm (D), the Premium-OTL6 module is simple to install and maintain.

2. Innovative Fast Locking System
Due to the specially designed fast locking system, the 6mm SMD outdoor module can be installed and dismantled quickly. There are four pairs of fast locking device on the cabinet to achieve horizontal and vertical joining with the adjacent modules. The robust stainless steel fast locking device can achieve firm fixation of the modules, resulting in the seamless image display effect.

3. Front Servicing for LED Board
The servicing for the 6mm outdoor rental LED display can be conducted by removing the LED board from the front, providing two choices of getting to the electronics from the front or the back.

4. High Brightness up to 6500nit
By reason of the high contrast ratio of 2000:1, the high brightness outdoor image would attract the eyes of people in long or short distance. The 6500nit brightness of the product can keep the LED screen staying in bright state for a long time with the continuous service time being up to 1000,000 hours. Combined with the high quality 3-in-1 SMD 4040 LED, full color display and pixel-level brightness calibration, the product delivers the image with unmatched effect.

5. Efficient Thermal Management
Without the fan, the 6mm outdoor rental LED display operates with rather low noise. The cover of the module is specially designed as a heat sink to play the function of heat dissipation to guarantee the product with long lifespan. The heat generated by the internal electronics is radiated through such heat sink. Owing to the advanced thermal management design and weather proofing, the protection rating for the front and the back reaches up to IP65.

The product can be applied not only for rental application but also for fixed installation to present the unrivalled image display effect. In different batches, the cabinets with same model can be calibrated to have same brightness and color. On the basis of keeping consistent brightness and chrominance of the LED screen, the customer can assemble the modules with different batches into one LED screen. That allows for maximum flexibility and reduction of operating cost.

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