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1.5mm/2.0mm/3.0mm/4.0mm series

4mm/3mm/2.5mm/2.0mm/1.5mm ultra high definition series

Indoor high-precision series

: OTL4.0/OTL3.0/OTL2.5/OTL2.0/OTL1.5

: Public signal publishing platform, Traffic monitor scheduling, military commanding agency, Video meeting system, television studio, senior market and so on.

R&D background
: With the development of the ultra high light LED display may use in the outdoor environment and extensive area no gap connection technology improve.  The LED display will be applied more extensive in the major fairs just like the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games and so on.

Product Feature:

1. The particular cabinet connection design makes the cabinet connect tighter and the connection error is 0.1mm.

2. The picture is extracted stably without corrugation and black screen. With regard to the image with dynamic display effect, the edge of the image is clear. The dynamic effect can be shown perfectly. The image information can be restored accurately and factually. Thus, the video is played fluently with exquisite image effect, bringing the pleasant visual enjoyment. Moreover, the LED display has very excellent brightness uniformity. With the application of brightness correction for single dot, the brightness of the whole display screen has a near-perfect performance in uniformity.

No Time Delay

                                           LED High Definition TV                                    Projector

3. The system for the product developed by Retop endows the product with the features of no time delay for signal, gorgeous color, grey scale of 16bit as well as the wireless remote control function. (Customers can choose other systems.)

Real Color Reproduction

                              Effect before Color Reproduction                                Effect after Color Reproduction

Unique Wireless Transmission Technology                                    3D Video Effect


4. Each cabinet is configured with two pieces of specially designed mini power supply. The product has no fan with low noise. The strong heat dissipation is attributed to the alloy material and the special design for thermal conduction.

5. We have been engaged in manufacturing the LED display for more than 15 years. Our rich structural design experience as well as the accumulated data support and the stable components can ensure much longer lifespan of the product. Normally, the rejection rate of the product is very low. Even though there is a malfunction, only some small components such as the module need to be repaired. The maintenance cost during the service period is very small.

6. Through the pixel-level color correction technology, the product can show the image more clearly with stronger sense of reality.
Comparison Chart before and after the Pixel-level Correction

7. The product is applied with the distinctive moire processing technology. As to the CCD or CMOS image sensor, each pixel can only sense the intensity and not the color of the light. Through covering each pixel with a filter of different colors, the pixel can sense the light intensity of corresponding color, thus solving the problem.

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