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Akıınsoft Wolvox ERP Business

AKINSOFT Wolvox ERP Business 7.18.05




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AKINSOFT Wolvox appeals to all companies which is use or capable for using Accounting and Finance Management System , ERP Systems , Pre-Accounting and General Accounting System . (Production, Import-Export , Electric-Electronics, Telecommunication, Information Technologies , Currency Offices , Automative , Insurance, Markets , Textile

Usage Areas

AKINSOFT Wolvox appeals to all companies which is use or capable for using Accounting and Finance Management System , ERP Systems , Pre-Accounting and General Accounting System . (Production, Import-Export , Electric-Electronics, Telecommunication, Information Technologies , Currency Offices , Automative , Insurance, Markets , Textile

Included Modules

With multi-user support Current , Current2, Cash, Stock, Invoice, Cheque-Bond, Waybill, Offer, Order, Currency Follow-Up, Currency Office, Warehouse Location Management, Bank, Printing Barcode, Marketing, Serial Number-Warranty Follow-up, Installment Follow-up, Printing Serial Bond, Service, Production, Bonus System...
Renewed WOLVOX 7  built on more productivity , fast and usefulness , flexibility and user oriented informatics perception is at your service .


* It can define unlimited current account card,
* It can define general infos,account infos,special discount,due,stock price selection,authorized,service infos belong to current account cards,
* It can group your currents as group,interm group and sub group,
* It can enable receiving country,city and district infos automatically during the process of creating current account card record,
* It can add unlimited pictures and files to your current account cards,
* It  can perform your payments to your currents and collections by defining as cash,pos,bank receipt,credit card,accrual and additionally 5 different operation types and print payment receipt,
* It can block a sale in case of exceeding indicated limit by specifing custom credit limit to your current account cards,
* It can define Forex account to your currents for Forex transactions and track Forex account optionally,
* It can print extracts in detail to your currents by getting current movement reports and detailed movement reports,
* It can edit your report layouts according to your wishes,
* It can access average infos for payments and collections  by means of value accounted report,
* It can get tree formed report by means of current custom report,
* It can print adress label to your currents,
* It can display your marketer's  total earned premiums by means of marketer premium reports,
*  It enables marketers to earn premiums according to their sub-marketers by means of chain marketing feature,
* It enables your currents to earn premiums by making bonus definitions and enables them to use their bonus whenever you wish,
* You can get your own currency unit's exchange during Forex transactions by means of the feature of Own monetary unit based balances list.


* It can record all meeting,appointment,routing and similar activities by means of its organizer feature and enables to give an alert before its exact hour by means of its alert system,
* It can create customer list for your defined currents,
* It can avail to your customers by making campaign and sale definitions,
* It can record all your technical supports given to your customers,
* It can track all your surveys for your customers by entering survey record,
* It can display customer or group based profitability report,
* It can report best selling product groups,
* It can report best selling customers product based,
* It can report your best selling customers,
* It can report best selling district,city and country,
* You can report your best selling products marketer based.


* It can define all cashes that you use in your business,
* It enables that each user just interfere  to his/her own cash by creating user based authorization,
* It can perform money transfer among your cashes by means of cash transfer feature,
* It can block the transactions without the approval of user during cash transfers by means of cash transfer repository feature,
* It can display net cash amount in your cash by getting daily and general cash reports,
* You can count the cash amount in your cash swiftly by means of money counting feature.


* It can define unlimited stock card,
* It can group your defined stocks as group,interm-group and sub-group based,
* It can define special vat,sct and sct percent to your stock cards and make adjustments for utilizing from 85-numbered basis,
* It can perform unlimited price entry to your stocks,
* It can add unlimited pictures to your stocks,
* It can define special marketer premium rate or price to your stocks,
* It can check your stocks' balances via your selected units by making unlimited unit definitions,
* With the help of warehouse integration,it can display your stocks's warehouse location and numbers,
* It can hinder to rise up or down to specified limit by defining stock safety limits,
* It can hinder the sale of your stocks which balances are negative,
* It can define special discount to your stocks and perform special stock or stock group based discount entry to your customers by means of advanced discount feature,
* It can perform tracing of stocks which you sell with serial number,
* It can assign default supplier by defining stock suppliers,
* It can enter values for quality control after production,
* It can get stock inventory,
* It can report the process date by means of stock reports,
* It can make brand,model,colour and body definitions for your stocks,
* It can perform the definitions of main stock and sub-stock and utilizes from assortment system feature,
* It can report your stocks which are in blockage and pending,
* It can record to inventory by performing your stock counting,
* It can print label to your stocks,
* It can define your given services and receives service reports,
* It can print labels to the packages by creating package definitions and you can get the stock price either manually or from stock price.


* It can track your stocks that you performed their input and output with serial number,
* It can perform serial number input-output over invoice collectively,
* It can get serial number movement reports,
* You can print label to serial numbers.


* It can record all warehouses that you use,
* It enables just the authorized user's input-output by performing user based authorization to your warehouses,
* It can perform one by one or mass transfer among your warehouses,
* It can get warehouse transfer reports and warehouse inventory,
* It can add your warehouse map by defining location,
*  You can track product's exact locations by making location movement entry.


* It can define all your machines that you used in production and their working periods as well,
* It can define all operations  step by step that you used for production,
* By creating receipt before production,it can start to produce created receipt serially,
* It can track lost times that you encountered during production,
* It enables raw-material entries with control report,
* It can perform fason breaking and fason integration process,
* It can track all your production periods by creating production planning and production order,
* It can track production steps schematically by taking gantt schema,
* It can calculate production costs by recording ullages in detail which occur during production,
* It can track quality of produced product by means of quality control reports,
* It can receive detailed reports for all your definitions,
* You can measure personnel productivity by means of personnel matching reports.


* It can create receipt for the productions that you create and reflect ullage and other costs to production,
* It can track your processes of production merging and production breaking,
* It can make auto-production for main products which fall to negative and defined in receipt,
* You can take reports for your productions.


* It can define all cheques and bonds which you receive from your customers or give to your customers,
* It can track all processes like payment,collection,endorsing,transferring to bank for the cheques and bonds,
* It can perform mass cheque-bond  entries,
* It can track surety cheques and bonds and it can take partial payment  for surety bonds,
* It can perform the process of serial bond printing,
* It can get detailed reports for all your recorded cheques and bonds,
* You can get cheque / bond value-date accounted reports.


* It can track your sales to your customers by editting Tube/water slip and check which customer has which returnable product,
* It can track which full stock comes up to which empty stock by making changing definitions,
* It can track the process of loading product to your vehicles by transferring the stocks in your warehouses to your vehicle warehouses,
* It can check price variance occured after sale by receiving current priced report and you can perform invoice transaction over current price.


* It can record domestic sales,foreign sales,buying,return from domestic sale,return from foreign sale,return from buying and your expense invoices,
*  It can design your invoice printout according to your used printed invoice,
* It can add stock or service to your invoices and if you wish,it can perform package sales or sales with serial number processes,
* It can make installment plan to your created invoice from bank or by hand,
* It can close invoice with more than one payment method by making closed-invoice definitions,
* It can receive price statistic for the products on invoice  and profit-loss calculating,
* It can use SCT(Special Consumption Tax),SCT(Special Communication Tax),stoppage and 85No Basis,
* It can use special discount to your certain customers or stocks,
* It can create weight list via invoice,
* It can send invoice details to invoice current as e-mail or send info to mobil phone as sms,
* It can transfer stock from M.S Excel or Openoffice to invoice,
* It can copy the report;if you wish,it can perform copying process between two companies,
* It can receive profit-loss report invoice based,
* You can print your invoices collectively.


* It can edit waybill for outgoing,incoming and product transfer among your agents,
* It can invoice waybills one by one or as a whole,
* It can utilize from the feature of warning for the waybills which are not invoiced in 7 days,
* It can update the price collectively for the stocks that you used on your waybills, so it can invoice  from different prices,
* It can copy the waybill or perform copying process between two different companies if you wish,
* You can take list for the waybills that you recorded before.


* It can record your  domestic given,domestic received,foreign given, and foreign received offers,
* It can block the products for your customer that you add to offer or track due amounts for your offers,
* It enables cancelling of blocks and due dates for your pending offers when the offer time is over,
* You can transfer your offers to invoice and waybill one by one or as a whole.


* It can record domestic received,foreign received,domestic given and foreign given orders,
* It can create unlimited order status definitions for your orders and assign alert system for status definitions and authorize personnel,
* It can hold stocks in blockage that you add to received order and hold stocks in pending that you add to given order,
* It can transfer your orders to waybill or invoice one by one or collectively,
* It can track deficient deliveries and surplus deliveries,
* By using buying request screen,it can record and transfer your decreasing stocks in warehouse to the given order,
* It can demand for transfer for the product transferring among your branches,
* It can report stock order list and all your recorded orders,
* It enables to send sms or e-mail to your customers about status changes that you specify,
* You can get  current and stock based order reports.


* It can track your customer's payments by creating installment plan to your recorded customers,
* It can track your installment shopping,
* It can apply penalty for delay for the overdue payments,
* It can utilize  from warning feature for the overdue installments,
* It can perform serial bond printing,
* You can print contract and payment receipt.


* It can create service slip for all products which your customers bring to your service or all your given services,
* It can utilize from appointment alerts by opening appointment record before coming to service,
* It can utilize from maintenance date alerts by editting service maintenance contract,
* It can record deliverer,recipient,delivery time,product infos,declared malfunctions and performed operations in service slips,
* It can receive personnel work-load reports by specifing personnel who perform the process and service vehicle,
* It enables to transmit status changes to your customers via sms or e-mail by making status definitions for your service slips,
* It can transfer the service slips to waybill and invoice  one by one or as a whole,
* You can define service packages and get so many reports about service slips.


* It can record all banks with which you work and create sub-accounts in banks,pos,credit card and cheque / bond definitions,
* It can track provision cuttings for different installments by defining installment number to pos definitions and make definition for the late charge applications,
* It can carry out the transfer transactions between your banks and cashes,
* It can track your credit card receipt,
* It can get pos and provision reports,
* It can perform credit calculating and track your credit usage via program,
* It can report cheques and bonds in bank,
* You can get bank reports.


* It can define all forex units that you use,
* It can download daily exchange rates automatically from the Central Bank,
* It can get backdated exchange rate reports,
* It can track your Forex buy-sell processes
* You can report your different forex unit rates by means of cross exchange rates application.

With  WOLVOX Report Designer Tool which is include a lot of ready report and form can added new filters to new designed or existing reports and used various fonts , styles and colours.

Data Transfer;
With WOLVOX data transfer speciality  it appears in throughout of system and consolidation of datas which is reached from different sources . It is supported online working styles with Terminal-Server infrastructure .

Windows Compatibility ;
Advantages of windows compatibility that is came with WOLVOX associate with ease of used interface provide that speed learning and ease of use .

Relational Database;
It can be made contact with MS Office Programs via WOLVOX Firebird and MSSQL database architecture .

User Authorisation ;
WOLVOX ensures data security with multilevel access rights which is given to users . System administrator (Authorized Session) can define rights to access company based  module and menu options , get information changed records whom from system and recover records with authorized session

Language Support;
WOLVOX 7 supports all of world languages due to Unicode language support and advanced typografic controlled wide character clusters – layout specialities support  .

Work more efficiently and increasing profitability and quality of service with WOLVOX is very easy  ! .

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