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Key Features

  • Minimize the need for a bulky power adapter and power line

  • Delivering power and data to equipment via a single Ethernet cable

  • Internal power supply

  • High safety with surge protection

  • Remote power feeding up to 100 meters

  • PnP, Light Weight and compact size

  • Unique interlocking feature for easy installation



Advanced PoE Solution
The LevelOne POI-2002 is a Power over Ethernet injector that not only delivers a cost-effective solution for power distribution, but also provides a seamless way of deployment on the existing LAN infrastructure. With the use of power injectors, DC power of up to 15.4W and the data that comes from a non-PoE switch are merged together and then transmitted to the 802.3af compliant products such as PoE dome cameras through the Ethernet cabling. Hence, preserving your investment in hardware upgrade without the need for buying extra PoE switches. Furthermore, non-PoE devices like wireless access points can also be powered up remotely by adding additional PoE splitters, since power and data are further split into two cables, therefore these devices may be installed in hard-to-reach areas like ceilings where there are no any outlets or electrical wiring nearby.

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