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Mosaic Video Walls


Planar Mosaic

Architectural Video Walls

Planar® Mosaic™ Architectural Video Walls redefine interior spaces by providing endless possibilities for creative expression and offering a dynamic new way to deliver art and information. Planar Mosaic video walls can create a desired emotion or build a brand experience in any space.


Architectural Video Walls
Planar Mosaic features three different sizes of LCD display tiles, including a 22" truly square LCD display tile. Planar Mosaic video tiles can be mounted in any position relative to each other, and individually at almost any angle. With unencumbered position flexibility, off-board power supplies and sophisticated Planar Mosaic Project Designer™ Software, Planar Mosaic sets a new standard for architectural video walls.

Mosaic Video Wall Details
Planar Mosaic makes displaying content easy. Each display tile is programmed at the time of installation to know its own location and orientation relative to the others. Just connect any video source up to 4K resolution and it will automatically display correctly across a unique array of Planar Mosaic video tiles

Planar Mosaic LCD Tiles
Planar Mosaic is the only video wall solution that allows designers to mix-and-match three different LCD display tile sizes and shapes into unique arrays not possible with traditional video walls. With Planar® Salvador® - a trend-setting 1:1 aspect ratio square LCD video tile, Planar Mosaic provides unique opportunities for creativity with digital displays in the same form factor as other building materials.

Planar Mosaic LCD tiles incorporate energy-saving LED backlight technology and boast a thin installation profile of less than four inches, making Planar Mosaic compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Planar Mosaic Ensemble
Planar Mosaic comes complete with Mosaic Ensemble™, which includes the following components for an all-in-one video wall solution.

Mosaic Mount
The Mosaic Mount™ provides a no-nonsense mounting solution that supports virtually any tile rotation and pitch. With push-in/push-out snap catches and auto-alignment posts, the Mosaic Mount eliminates the need for fine-tuning and has a built-in "Service Mode" that supports easy front-servicing of the video tile.

Mosaic Power Supply Modules
Planar Mosaic features off-board, rack-mountable power supply modules that can be located away from the video wall. Power cables can be daisy-chained through a group of Mosaic tiles, eliminating the need for power outlets behind each Planar Mosaic tile. Planar Mosaic is also available with a redundant power option for uninterrupted 24x7 operation.

Mosaic Project Designer Software
The Mosaic Project Designer™ Software is a Windows® application that allows for easy creation of a Planar Mosaic tile layout over your own background image. Preview your own video content through your tile layout, giving you a vision of the completed design in your specific environment. The software can then be used to program the video wall at the time of installation.

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