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Key Features

  • 12DC 2.5A High Power PoE Splitter

  • Split Power over Ethernet (PoE) til fjern enheder

  • DC Output: 12V DC (default), 9,6,5,3.3V DC ( Optional)

  • Ethernet 100Mbps Wire Speed

  • Simpel at installere - Plug & Play

  • IP65 vandtæts design



The traditional PoE standard supports 15.4 watts, which is fine for regular devices. But what do you do if your network camera, or wireless access point needs more power? POS-4001 is an outdoor PoE Splitter that adds PoE functionality to any network device requiring high power.

POS-4001 is enclosed in a durable IP66-rated outdoor waterproof housing for long-lasting performance in tough conditions.

When used in a Power over Ethernet network, POS-4001 takes the power sent over the Cat.5 cable from the PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) and delivers it to the non-PoE network device for easy and flexible installation. Internal current limit, short-circuit and overload protection are implemented to provide up to DC 12V/2.5A.

POS-4001 can also work together with LevelOne’s high-power PoE injector, POI-4000. This can extend Ethernet connectivity an additional 100 meters for high power PD devices, such as IP network cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones or other devices that require power greater than 15.4 W.

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